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Diesel Engine Diagnosis Training Equipment

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08 / 03 / 2024
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Deskripsi produk :
- Diesel Engine Simulator Type Equipment that equipped with fuel, cooling, intake, exhaust panel so that allows theoretical training and experiments. - Easy to check and diagnose all faults that can happen in an actual vehicle system so that it's able to do effective education concerning maintenance system. - It is to see internal movement, operation, condtiion and component’s location by cutaway structure. Specification - Composition 1) Diesel engine assembly, manual transmission 2) Fuel filter, fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel devices, DC 12V battery and generator 3) Cooling device such as radiator, electric fan and antifreeze 4) Start switch 5) Accelerator lever 6) Stainless molding type safety guide is installed 7) Radiator-only stand and laser process protection panel 8) Vacuum pressure gauge 9) Fuel pressure gauge 10) Battery voltage measurement gauge
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