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Automotive Engine Fault Diagnosis Simulator With Auto Fault

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08 / 03 / 2024
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Deskripsi produk :
- Electrical control Gasoline engine Assembly, Auto Fault - Automatic Transmission Assembly - Electrical and electronic devices such as, ECM, TCM, AFS, CKP, CMP, O₂ Sensor, WTS, Control Relay, etc - Injector, Fuel Filter, Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump, Fuel Equipment, DC12V/60A Battery for Vehicles, Generator - Ignition coil, Spark Plug, High Voltage Cables, etc - Cooling System such as Radiator, Overflow Tank, Relay, Electric fan - Exhaust System such as Catalytic Converter, Emission, Silencer - Ignition Switch (Key S/W) Anti- vibration dampers and an urethane wheels - Control box, fuel tank (removable), accelerator lever - Stainless molding type safety guard is installed - Radiator-only stand and laser processing protection panel - Automatic transmission oil pressure gauge for each singular - Vacuum pressure gauge - Fuel pressure gauge - Battery voltage gauge - Drawer type storage space
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